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Advantages of collaboration

Within the consortia the aspect of collaboration is seen as a great advantage. The benefits of collaboration are mainly caused  by getting to focus on one’s own talents.

Moving one’s own activities to the core activities of each partner delivers focus and mass to develop products both faster and cheaper, with higher quality.

By utilizing the competences of other organisations, knowledge institutes and service providers, required skills and know-how becomes available, enabling each partner to concentrate on its own added value in the supply chain. The advantages of collaboration thereby are:

  • Acceleration of the innovation process (short time-to-market)
  • Reduction of (failure) costs by use of partner expertise
  • Access to new knowledge (for new developments)
  • Utilization of competences available in the network
  • Sharing risks (financial and technological)
  • Scale and efficiency advantages (cost reduction)
  • Access to new market segments
  • Chain innovation (fill out the entire chain from begin to end)
  • Talent sharing

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