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Memphis: An important piece of the puzzle

MEMPHIS: Merging Electronics and Micro & nano Photonics in Integrated Systems

Most authoritative scenarios for the development of technology show optimistic views on how our life will be changed by personal communication, by an ambient, intelligent, comfortable and safe environment, by continuous health monitoring and by early detection of threats from nature, technical failure and human activities.

These areas of interest require new complex miniaturized devices with vastly increasing bandwidth against lowest possible cost price which cannot be fulfilled with present micro-electronic technology alone. The limitations of present electronics require a new massive converging technology based on complementary characteristics of “micro- and nano-electronics” and “micro- and nano-photonics”, utilizing the best of both technology worlds.

MEMPHIS is a coherent and visionary project for research and development of a disruptive technology with a major impact on our future society. It brings together the best of electronics and photonics in a converging integration technology for applications in communication, medical devices, consumer infotainment, data processing, machine control, aviation and space markets. An excellent balance between companies, universities and institutes results in application-focussed fundamental research and development to create novel technology for a multi-market future. The MEMPHIS project is co-financed by the subsidy programme Smart Mix (www.smartmix.nl, Dutch language only).

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