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Important parameters

The most important parameters for technological breakthroughs are:

  • Standardisation
  • Efficiency
  • Costs
  • Reliability and scalability


An effort must be made to create a standard for photonics. Less diversity will lead to a higher return on development and a better market penetration.

Advantages of standardisation are:

  • Products or services become inner changeable, this will make scaling easier and reduce time of development. Quality of solutions will increase while costs will decrease;
  • Labour can be made more efficient;
  • Methods and results can be compared easily;
  • Less diversity will lead to less mistakes.


A high efficiency is one of the advantages that photonics has over electronics. Photonics is faster and more energy efficient than electronics are. This is a key point in why we should invest in photonics to optimise all kinds of appliances.


Getting the costs down to its lowest point possible is a challenge for every new technique. The lower the costs, the lower the threshold to start using this new technique. This could lead to more development in different applications, more development could then again lead to decreasing costs.

Reliability and scalability

To ensure a good market penetration of photonics it is absolutely crucial that photonic components are reliable. When the reliability of photonic components is ensured, scalability start to play an important part. Small components and small photonic integrated circuits could lead to the development of smaller, hand held appliances for things we wouldn’t even think possible at the moment.

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