Project Development

MEMPHIS supports collaboration between hightech companies but also industry – university collaboration.

The overall Memphis program is divided into four pillars: Applications, Components, Technologies and Processes. If new companies and/or knowledge institutes wish to join the Memphis program, the definition of new projects will be defined in connection with existing partners to fit in the roadmap. New projects will be part of one of the following pillars:

  1. Development of new Applications using existing and photonic/electronic components.
  2. Development of new photonic/electronic components meeting the requirements of the applications and based on the Basic Building Blocks with standardized interfaces concept.
  3. Research and development of new technologies for future integration and miniaturization of components. Focus is on heterogeneous integration technologies like III-V materials on CMOS Silicon, or active Indium Phosphide (InP) circuits on TriPleX™ and optical boards.
  4. Development of new process steps for front-end and back-end processes and in particular for packaging- and assembly technologies where alignment on sub-micron scale is required.

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